About Us


Imagine it and let us create it. We are here to bake cakes that will last in your thoughts forever. We are just one amongst you who started baking for the motive to bake love and happiness in the form of cakes. Our passion bought us between you all to serve with the best we can and create a benchmark for our every next.

We simply don’t go behind some recipe in a bit of paper yet we have significantly more in our bakery. Beginning with choosing and handpicking the best quality ingredients then gathering the finest equipment. Wait! That is not all. Our specialty begins here. Pouring the ingredients with the best measures and blending it in with enthusiasm. Kindling it in the oven and afterward enumerating it with the entirety of our innovative abilities. Finally, creating mouth-watering soft and yummiest cakes.

Our passion for baking and decorating encourages us to present out the one of kind variety of cakes. Our baking formula has a secret magical touch which brings out our warmness and love in the form of spongy melt-in-mouth cakes. When you grab a piece of cake it will take you to the world of mellow sweetness with the bit of crunchy fruit and nuts accomplished by the creamiest icing layer topped with the variety of sprinkles and toppings.

Introducing from the most established essential cakes to the most exotic and modern piece of art we have everything to get your eyes. Our extensive range of customized cakes makes us stand out in the crowd. We have everything from customized cakes to designer cakes, photo cakes, adult party cakes, fondant cake or bachelors party cakes. Our 100% eggless and fresh cakes will exceed expectations of your taste buds and will never give you a chance to prevent orders from us once more and again.

What’s a more beautiful gift than a bunch of beautiful and fresh flowers? In case you need to add some new fragrant touch to it simply add a bunch of fresh flowers alongside the cake and then rest assured.

We value your efforts and emotions attached to our piece of creation you desired for your near ones. After this to add the final but most important touch to the celebration we put our best in delivering the cake to you at your desired time. We give everything that is in us to deliver you the best at your doorstep to make your celebration a memorable one. Our home delivery service starts at 10:00 in the morning and continues until midnight. Night charges RS 200 extra is applicable after 10:00 PM else delivery is free of cost for the rest of the day. Our delivery locations cover Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, and Faridabad. Our timely, fresh and safe delivery and best customer service make you choose us again and again.