Best At-Home Date Night Ideas For This Valentine’s Day 2022

Best At-Home Date Night Ideas For This Valentine’s Day 2022

Just because your partner and you are forced to spend your Valentine’s day at home doesn’t mean it should be boring. To make your Valentine’s day more fun even while staying at home, we listed stay-at-home date-night ideas for couples to enjoy together. As we are spending a good time at home it is vital to make at-home dates feel special. Here is the best idea to spend a lovely Valentine’s Day at home. 

1. Have a picnic 

 Have a picnic 

I accept that you are staying in your home. But you have a backyard, or a  balcony, roof, or even a hall with a good corner—just get creative! If you are ready to set out a good picnic in your home, then have a blanket in the middle of the living room then open windows to get the wind going. Put on some wind background sounds, and do your go-to picnic favourites. Now put on a breezy outfit to spend a romantic yet lazy night together. 

Based upon the season, you could spend an incredible camping trip in the balcony or backyard. If you are not in a mood to camp outside or don’t have much space outdoors, you could be happy to camp out in the living room itself. Just can’t pull out a mattress or build a fort and set up a good spot in the living room and happily camp out in comfort.

2. Order a Delicious Cake for valentine’s day

 cake for valentine's day
beautiful wedding cake decorated with fresh raspberries, blackberries and blueberries, on a white background

What’s better than celebrating Valentine’s Day by eating a delicious cake? Imagine the door being rung suddenly and a delivery man gave you a box. After opening it you found it’s a heart-shaped delicious cake with a saying on top that says ” I just love spending time with you, no matter wherever we are either it’s  Paris or home”. 

 I bet if you do the same your partner will get a teary eye. To do that, just visit Mrcake and browse through different valentine’s cake . Not just heart-shaped cakes, to surprise more order a photo cake, or a personalized Valentine’s day, or Valentine’s combo is a perfect option for anyone to express your love. You can just order a red velvet cake or chocolate for both of you and enjoy it.  

3. Have a movie night 

Have a movie night

It is quite a common yet most favourite thing to do on Valentine’s Day for couples. A movie night and a marathon of your favourite web series can make you have a good time this Valentine’s Day. You could binge-watch any new television series or stream your favourite movies. As it’s Valentine’s Day, put on some romantic films or go with your desired genre.  After all, any couple hopes to spend a good time snuggling on Valentine’s day, and a movie night can give you that.   

4. Dance the night 

Dance the night

How many days has it been for your partner and you to dance together? No matter how many days it’s been,   there is no better time to dance happily and forget the world around you on Valentine’s day. Dancing with someone you love is not just fun but works as a good connection to be intimate with each other. Just put on a good playlist and dance away. You don’t have to be a pro dancer, just dance with your partner like no one’s watching. 

5. A bonfire

A bonfire

Bonfire is one of the best romantic activities to cozy up with your lovely one. A bonfire in your backyard or next to the fireplace whatever it is. It gives you a good warm place for you both to love. You both can read a  good book or have a cup of coffee with a nice and good conversation. Make sure to get some snacks or a delicious chocolate cake to make the bonfire date night more romantic. 

6. A beach night

 A beach night
Beautiful fantasy of landscape tropical beach with silhouette palm tree in night skies and full moon – dreamlike wonder nature.

Are you both water or beach babies then this idea is for you. Get a towel over the floor, play ocean sounds over the computer or tv. To make it more real, put on bathing suits and sunscreen just to get the scent of it. Get something to eat like a lighter dinner as fish tacos or a fruity cocktail, you can blend it with ice. Just ignore everything and listen to the beachy music. Make sure to spray a bottle of water on one another. 

7. Game Night 

Game Night 

Game night brings up a good fun and mushy way to your Valentine’s Day. You can go for a fun challenge with yourselves and be competitive with one another by playing all your favourite games. Make sure it’s a friendly competition because you don’t want to fight with your partner on Valentine’s day. There are many fun games to play together at home. It can be board games, video games, multiplayer games. If you don’t have anything to play, then find free ones online. 

8. A midnight surprise

 A midnight surprise

Midnight surprises are always a popular way to surprise your loved one on any occasion. This Valentine’s Day, surprise your partner at midnight. Either you live on a single roof or stay away order a cake for them to their doorsteps by using cake delivery services. Mrcake offers midnight cake delivery services that deliver cake, flowers, chocolates, and more. The delivery team of Mrcake rings the doorbell at midnight and surprises your valentine with a bunch of gifts and love from you. 

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