6 Best Cakes To Celebrate Women’s Day

6 Best Cakes To Celebrate Women’s Day

She is not a burden but a gift, she is not a man but a human. A woman doesn’t want to respect her more than men but wants everyone to know her rights. She wants a world where every gender is treated equally. That gave rise to women’s day.  Every year International women’s day is commemorated on 8th March. Women’s day is likely to celebrate the progress of women in our society.

Celebrate women’s freedom and tribute the woman in your life for her unconditional love and actions. She deserves all the affection and love on this personal day. Let your women realize their significance with momentous and delicious women’s day cakes. Here we listed out some Cake ideas to celebrate Women’s Day celebration.

1.  Heart-shaped Cake

Right from our mother to daughter, every woman in our lives knows how to steal the heart. Isn’t it. This women’s day gifts her a heart-shaped cake that’s not just a classic way but also a perfect way to express all your life and care to the women. Baking a heart shape is also easy. All you need is to bake is one round and square cake. Then cut the square cane in half arrange the square cake in a diagonal shape. Now place the semicircular pieces of the cake on the adjacent sides of the square cake.  Spread some buttercream to cover the cuttings and tad your heart shape cake is ready. You could also order a heart shape from cake delivery services.

1.  Personalized Cake

Personalization of anything is a trend these days. Why you may ask? Because personalization includes a personal touch. And personalized cakes are the best way to gift any woman on International Women’s Day. If she loves a certain flavor, a certain color, or a hobby or things she likes get that on the cake. If she opts for eggless or flourless cakes generally get those cakes for her. Top the cake with chocolates or fruits is she loves them. If you know what your women love but don’t know how to make it personalized contact a skilled cake delivery service such as Mrcake. Mrcake can make the personalized cake for your last specify and also deliver at your doorstep in hours.

1.  Vegan Cake

 Among several gifts, a vegan or eggless cake can be the most loved women’s day gift for her. As she is a vegan or vegetarian, she can fully enjoy her cake without any doubts or restrictions. At Mrcake, you can vegan and Eggless cakes accessible in delicious flavors of red velvet, vanilla, chocolate, pineapple, mango, coffee, butterscotch cake, and more. 

1.  Designer cake

Who doesn’t love designer cakes? Whatever trend can come and go designer cake remained to be the most favorite cake option for any occasion. These cakes are intricately decorated. These multi-layered celebration cakes are baked by experienced cake designers or by talented home bakers. With molded fondant icing or different toppings, colors the sky is your limit. Be creative as you can get. Get the princess-themed, shopping-themed cakes, hobby-themed cakes, flower-themed cakes, and more. A multitasking women-themed cake with a note as ” thank you mom” for your mother can be the best women’s day gift for her.

5. Wonder Women cake

Every woman is absolutely a wonder in our world. The world wouldn’t have been the same way if there is no women in the world. Appreciate women with a token of appreciation and thank her restlessness actions and assumed ways to do work entitled them a wonder woman. An incline to do new with a continuous fearless approach made them superheroes without a cape. So, a wonder women-themed cake represents a symbol of motivation and pride. Get a wonder women’s cake and customize it for your women aste and mix their favorite flavors.

1.  Photo cake

Photo cake comes under the personalized cake category. Yet, we are discussing it separately as photo cakes are one special cake category type. Because photos are nothing but memories, anything can be erased but not memories. A favorite picture on a delicious cake can sound like a perfect cake.  You could create customized photo cakes by sending a picture to the cake delivery service.

Celebrate this women’s day with flavorful moments.

It can be her childhood pictures or the pictures that celebrate her life moments or just her happy pictures. Anything can be worthy to make her surprised and smile isn’t it. 


Being a woman is confusing.  People say to be strong – but not powerful, be pretty – but don’t be sexy, don’t become fat – too much skinny, be independent – but she can’t plan her life all alone. 

This women’s day tells the women in your life they are perfect and thank them for being in your life. Whether it’s your mother, sister, daughter, girlfriend, wife, colleagues, grandmother, teachers, and more. Mrcake had different online cake options. With quick delivery options as per requirements or customization, one could pick from several cake varieties of cakes.

At Mrcake, they got incredible options for the delivery. With same-day and mid-night delivery services, you can surprise her throughout the women’s day.  These delicious flavors, designs, themed cakes are made with premium quality that is hassle freely ordered and delivered to her home. 

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