6 Fun And Sweet Ways To Celebrate Father’s Day

Fathers Day Cake

6 Fun And Sweet Ways To Celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s day is around the corner. Want to celebrate this father’s day sweetly and most funnily? Here in the article, we discussed the best things to do on father’s day.

Who founded father’s day?

As per History Channel, a woman from Washington named Sonora Dodd is the founder of Father’s Day. As she is the sixth child of her widowed father, she thought of celebrating her father. With her continuous effort, Washington finally celebrated Father’s Day in 1910, June 19.

Unlike Mother’s Day which gained momentum easily,   Father’s Day went through a lot to get much-needed recognition.  For decades, Father’s Day was comprehended as a national holiday. See how you can celebrate father’s day with your father or father figure in your life.

1. A scrapbook

Digital pictures are a thing now. People are scrolling through social media pictures and their galleries to find one picture of theirs. Before there were photo albums that we used to flip over and over to see the pictures. However, father’s day is quite a special day that needs a one-of-a-kind and thoughtful gift.

 Highlights the family in a loving and goofy way. You can make it memorable by choosing your dad’s childhood pictures and his favorite picks. Leave some space to add descriptions of his family memories. Make it fun or sentimental by adding your dad’s favorite pictures. Whether it’s just 10 pictures make it lovely.

2. A fun day together

On father’s day, kids would suddenly google to find what they can do with their fathers. But what any father would expect from their kids is little time with their kids. So, whatever you want to do, make sure it involves you and your dad. For example, it can be watching tv. Remember those times when your dad wanted you to watch sports with him.

 It is sure boring for you, but just do it one time for him on father’s day. Not just sports, known for his favorite old movies. Just spend the whole day with him and help him with gardening, grocery shopping, or even home improvement. You can take a walk with him too. This day is all about creating priceless memories with your dad.

3. Pamper him

Parenting is not a simple task. It can be your father or your partner, he needs relaxation time. So, plan your son’s relaxing activities. That includes relaxing spa activities such as face masks and back massages. It can also satisfy them with sweet treats.

Serve him with ultimate brunch, desserts, and mouthwatering foods. You can never go wrong with a delicious cake.  And by the way, breakfast in bed is not just for moms, even dads like it too. Make some nice breakfast and surprise him in the morning.

4. Get competitive

It’s time to get competitive. Games are fun that brings that real side to one person.  Did your dad always talk about his games days in school, let him experience his college self again with fun outdoor and indoor games. Play your father’s or family’s favorite games on Father’s Day. Try those classic board games to strategy games like chess and sweaty games such as basketball.

Does your father love video games, they bring in that footnote or Mario kart. Where you celebrate it from far, then get people together online to play this game via mobile. It doesn’t have to be exclusive necessarily. You can either call out the neighborhood fathers or your family to make it a fun fathers day.

5. A small get-together

Celebrating is all we need to do on fathers day. Our dads celebrate our special days in a big way and it’s our job to make their special days more special. It doesn’t have to be a grand affair. Invite all your fatter figurines in your life as uncles,  grandpas, brothers, and more father figures then plan a little get-together.

Plan a photoshoot as that can capture memories that will stay with them for years. Take sentimental ones or fun ones. You can even plan a dance party or a karaoke night. Your father will surely love to spend a good time rocking his favorite things. If you are staying away from fathers or can’t meet them they plan a  special virtual fathers day celebration. Set on the and get on the video call with your father, uncles, grandfathers, and your father’s friends.

6. A delicious cake

A dessert is a must for every celebration. Whether you are planning a big event or a small gathering or just want to surprise your father, a cake is good enough to satisfy any cravings. Cake delivery services such as Mrcake, deliver the cake to your doorsteps. So, without much hassle, you can explore a varied array of cake flavors, that includes red velvet, butterscotch, vanilla, pineapple, chocolate, strawberry, fruit cake, and more. Embrace cake types, sizes, personalized fathers’ cake options, and more they get delivered to your home. Not just that, the combo offers personalized gifts such as flower arrangements, chocolates, and more gifts with the cake. Mrcake offers same-day and midnight cake delivery services for all your surprising moments.

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