Bachelorette Party Ideas to Surprise The Bride-To-Be

bachelorette party ideas for bride to be

Bachelorette Party Ideas to Surprise The Bride-To-Be

It must be your best friend’s marriage around the corner and you are set to shower her bachelorette party with tons of naughtiness. We tried to snip the best bachelorette party ideas in India and present it to you. We will get you covered through the hook and nook of the party in this article. A bachelorette party stands on three support systems- the cake, the theme, and food and drinks. We will discuss each of the three support systems in short.


Every bachelorette party turns gloomy without a mind-blowing cake. Adult cakes are mostly preferred for the purpose. Designer Cakes embedded with a couple on bed or lingerie fits perfectly for the purpose.  Choose some dashing flavour of the cake like cola chocolate to enhance the crazy party mood.

You can also customize the cake with the bride’s favourite colour and some toppings or decorations to it. Make sure at the end of all customization, the cake should look alluring and perfectly healthy for your mouth and camera!

Cake for Groom


The theme of the party revolves around six stands. Each should be taken care of to make the party more enhancing. Let us know those six stands one by one.


Decide on a colour code for the party. Generally, the pink colour is chosen but you can also choose colours like blue or black. Check with the favourite colour of the bride and plan accordingly. Every small and big decoration at the party should adhere to the colour code.


You can decorate the venue with some naughty stuff like wine glasses or lingeries. You can also put up naughty drawings made by you and your group of friends. This celebration is going to be framed in the bride’s life for the upcoming years.


Break the monotony of the party by switching on some real party songs. Only music can transform the party mood from an ordinary party to a bump exciting one. Have someone with a wise taste of music to choose the playlist and you can have the smiling face of the bride as a reward. You can also prepare the playlist in such a way that there are certain dance numbers on the list. It is always fun to move your feet to the rhythm of the music in any party.


Choose the lighting style with care. The light should not be too bright, neither should it be too dull. Build up an aesthetic sense in the venue with the lighting. Moreover, if you have decided a theme, it is better to light the entire area using that particular colour lights.


Decide on a dress code before the party. The dress code rule can stick only to the colour of the dress or to some extent, the style of the dress. Go for some girly colours like pink or red, as these are associated with bachelorette parties for brides. But do not forget, whatever dress you decide on, buy an extra for the bride. She should not be left out of this rule.


The guests have to do something naughty on their part to give the bride some crazy gifts. Make a plan beforehand about what you can gift. It can be some contraceptive devices or lingeries. Be assured, your gift will be used by the bride and his prince in the next few days. If everyone sticks to the thumb rule of giving the same thing, the bride will be elated with happiness as she does not have to buy those for the next year. You can also play a small game herein, where the bride will be asked to guess, who gifted what. It will be fun.

Food and Drinks

The decision of the food menu usually depends on the bride. But if you want to bump her with a surprise, then decide the food list based on her taste buds. You can try all sorts of odd combinations to make the party sound. A funky food list coupled with a funny bachelorette party cake is what you need to kick start the party with swag.

Drinks are an important part of these parties. It is usually the friends who have to take up the responsibility of completing the party with all sorts of drinks. You can keep different brands of alcohol in the buffet section for the guests to enjoy. If you are not into alcohol and you are sure, your guests are also not into alcohol, then you can make a section for mocktails. Either mocktails or cocktails, always remember to stock up enough drinks for the day. Drinks should not fall short even if demand is overwhelming. You can also decorate the bottles and glasses with coloured ribbons to make it more lively.

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