Which Type of Cakes Are The Best for a Birthday?

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Which Type of Cakes Are The Best for a Birthday?

Birthdays are just the best days of the whole year, isn’t it? Birthday is enjoyment and celebration and signifies you survived another best year. It is an excuse to get together and to celebrate quality time with your special people. Good times, good food with good people always creates the best day.

Yet, the first thing that comes into our minds when we think about birthdays is the birthday cake. These delicious freaky cakes have been a part of the birthday tradition for a very long time. People gather together and encourage a birthday person to cut the cake singing happy birthday songs. Such memorable moments right. If your birthday or your loved one’s birthday is special to you then we know how tough it feels to discover the best flavor to make your special day more special. So, we compiled the best list of cake types to make you a favor.

Carrot cake

This cake is made with baking powder and a baking side where this shortened cake uses either butter or oil too. Grated carrots give a good flavor and make your carrot cake moist. This is also frosted by a rich cream cheese frosting. Walnuts and Pecans upon this cake make this a wonderful option to cut on your birthday. If you like to have something healthy to eat this can be a perfect option.

Sponge Cake

Always a favorite cake for any person. These cakes are foam styled cakes that don’t use any artificial leavens like baking soda or baking powder. Then where it gets its volume? By whipped eggs, it can be just whites or full eggs. You can add your favorite flavors. Soak this cake well in a flavored syrup then layer it with a smooth whipped cream along with berries. 

Pineapple cake

No came could actually give a fruit flavour as pineapple cake gives us. This is a short moist and golden cake that is soaked layered by delicious whipped cream along with the toppings of juiced fresh pineapple slices. These quintessential cakes can be made at your home or ordered at MrCake to give you a whole homemade pineapple cake flavour. 

pineapple eggless cake

Funfetti Cake

Such delicious and colourful cakes to order for a celebration. If this cake can speak it surely screams let’s celebrate that’s how this cake looks. This cake dipped in the rainbow sprinkle. Where vanilla icing that is made with softened butter, cream cheese, icing sugar, and vanilla paste is piped down to add more sprinkles for garnishing on this colourful cake. This cake purely steals the show at any birthday party. 

Black Forest Cakes

Another popular cake to order on your birthday. How many flavours you might see in the market black forest cakes has a unique standard and taste too. It’s soft chocolate sponge layered beautifully with whipped cream which is fluffy and rich to every layer of this classic cake. Black forest cakes garnished with cherries that are cooked in syrup along with orange rind and cinnamon. 

eggless black forest cake

Vanilla Party Cake

This light buttery sponge cake is still a favourite option to celebrate your birthday where meringue buttercream makes this classic cake more delicious. This meringue buttercream is made up of egg whites, vanilla pod, caster sugar, vanilla extract, butter. An online bakery store like YummyCake will allow you to personalise your cake. So, you can add how many layers you need for this cake and layer those sponges on the top and side of the sponge with a layer of buttercream. Reward your taste buds with a spoonful of vanilla richness. 

Ultimate Chocolate Cake

On this birthday dive right into the chocolate fountain. Kinda sounds like a crazy dream but your dream can become true with this cake. This beautiful ultimate chocolate cage is rich, fudgy, and moist which makes it a perfect pick for a birthday celebration. Who doesn’t love chocolate right? So, people who are waiting for your cake to arrive will be shocked to see this heavenly chocolate cake. Ganache is the main part to make this cake beautiful. This creamy, fudgy ganache made with dark chocolate, caster sugar, and double cream. This cake mostly consists of two layers where these two layers sandwiches with delicious ganache. Drop this ganache from top of the cake and make it fall by the sides. 

Dark Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Truffle cake

If your loved ones have an eye for chocolate, nothing can make their birthday special than this. With Luxurious ganache glaze and bittersweet filling ahh such a worthy cake to eat on your birthdays. That heavy filling on the cake made with butter, bittersweet chocolate, heavy whipped cream, and confectioner sugar make this cake yummier. Ganache spreads all over the cake to give it a fluffy and moist look.

Here is our list. Looking for a birthday cake head over to MrCake where you can find tons of cake in unique flavors, shapes, sizes, themes, and made with the uttermost care and love. Get the same day or midnight cake delivery to your doors. Order at MrCake today.

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