Top 7 colorful cakes from Mrcake to order this holi in 2021

Top 7 colorful cakes from Mrcake to order this holi in 2021

March is already here, which reminds us of celebrating  India’s colorful festivals with a blaze of bright colors. The reds, yellows, blues and orange, and more colors can be crucial elements for celebrating your celebration of colorful Holi. 

Rather colors holi is known for delicious treats. As families and friends like to celebrate this festival of colors together along with delicious sweet delicates. You can all see those laddus, gujiya, and more. A moist, fluffy cake is also always a mandatory dessert for every festival that makes baker’s around India design and bake cakes colorful and flavourful for creating your taste. Mrcake is so excited to enlist bright and colorful cakes for your festive hues to enjoy Holi. Here are a few cakes from Mrcake to celebrate holi. 

1.Chocolate cake 

A deliciously rich chocolate cake to make your holi celebration more fun and chocolatey. Nothing can beat a chocolate cake but this cake got loaded with tons of yummy candies and chocolates that are loaded with littles fun candies, gems, and chocolate shots, kit kats are dipped right in the hot and yummy chocolate. Need more chocolates you can do this by using Mrcake’s cake personalization services. Dip your people right in the chocolate heaven.

2. Heart shape cake

Yet, another chocolate cakes that is shaped as a heart that makes it perfect for gifting your special someone on holi. If you person is staying away from this holi then don’t look elsewhere and order this decadent chocolate cake that is topped by colorful little heart candies and sprinkled with vibrant and bright Funfetti around the cake. You can get this cake flavored with your desired flavors or add more hearts to the cake for bright holi celebrations.

3. Butterscotch cake

Funfetti is always used and known to add a celebratory look to the desserts. This delicious dessert from Mrcake sprinkled with colorful Funfetti and creamy pink colored frosting just drips over the cake that makes it a mouthwatering dessert and a sure cake to have at your special events. Either it’s nuts or the flavors butterscotch cake  always steal a special place in the list of your favorite flavors. So, this cake is always the best choice for gifting for anyone on your wishlist.

4. Fondant floral cake 

A sweet and cute bouquet-themed cake that is layered with the sweetness of fondant and filled with pink and white strips along with little flowers on top of the cake that is beautiful and stunning for wishing a happy holi to your people. You could also fill your cake with trendy flavors and add different designs over it to make your cake stunning and to eat on this holi.   

5. Red velvet cake

Red velvet cake got a snappy taste with both sweet and tangy flavors because of the addition of buttermilk in it. A bright red colored cake can please your loved ones and the best option for gifting this cake to your special someone as red velvet speaks pure love.  Not just this, Mrcake offers a wide range of red velvet that is frosted by cream cheese frosting and even topped by chocolate shavings and more as you like through Mrcake personalization services. 

6. Fresh pineapple cake

Pineapple cake are super moist, flavourful, and fluffy cakes that taste delicious and flavourful by adding fresh pineapple juice and pieces to the cake. Rich whipped cream is just to layer this cake and topped with ripe cherries, pineapple pieces, chocolate shavings, and more. A mix of yellow, red, and white make this cake a promising dessert to order for your holi celebrations. 

7. Photo cake

If you don’t know what to give a loved one and what flavors they like for holi then keep your dilemma aside and pick this delicious photo cake. Nothing can be at a personalized photo cake in terms of surprising your people. Back then you may celebrate holi with your family, so send that picture to Mrcake where they will print that picture on your cake to make it a wonderful surprise for your holi celebration.  

Colorful cake from Mrcake to celebrate holi

Holi is a  festival with colors that is approaching within just a few hours.   On holi, everyone likes to celebrate it with yummy desserts.  Mrcake is ready to help you to find a perfect yummy dessert to celebrate holi with flavourful, colorful, extraordinary Holi cakes this 2021.

Festivals such as holi bring much excitement and joy to our mundane and dull life. So,  during festivals such as Holi, no one can not hold our enthusiasm. Holi is such a celebration with laughter, love along sweet treats and colors. 

Mrcake provides cake delivery services for celebrations such as Holi across noise, Faridabad, Gurgaon, and more. They have special categories for every flavor and celebration where you can even choose your cake based upon a wide range of filters such as unique designs,  sizes, trendy flavors, prices, and more. Mrcake even offers personalization services to design your cake as you like and fill your cakes with loads of chocolates, colorful sprinkles, and more flavors for making it colorful for holi. So, just visit their website and pick the cake you like, and order and deliver it right from their website. 

Pick The scrumptious Happy Holi cakes For Your best Ones

The much-awaited of Indian festival holi is on  28th March. No other festival is colorful as Holi. The terrific colors tease for many remarkable moments with your family, friends. Never forget to order Happy Holi cakes for your special people who can’t come to your holi celebrations. Along with your special Holi gifts, Mrcake can help you to wish Holi wishes to your special ones. Mrcake gathered colorful and lovable  Holi cakes so ordered them and celebrated them with your special ones. 

Rejoice your holiday by getting cake at midnight or just within a few hours of your holi. Even after celebrating holi, you might feel tired so order a delicious cake from Mrcake to say goodbye to all your tiredness and enjoy a mouth-watering cake with free delivery services too.

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