Unique Cake Ideas for Husband on His Birthday

husband birthday cake

Unique Cake Ideas for Husband on His Birthday

Wake up, it is your husband’s birthday. The day that every wife waits for throughout the year. The day when you get to shower as much love as you want on him. Birthday comes once in an entire span of 365 days, so do not let your husband’s birthday slip out from your hand.

The most important part of a birthday party celebration is the cake. There are a broad variety of cakes available in the online and offline outlets. You have to choose the most appropriate one for your husband’s birthday cake. Keep an eye to his likes and dislikes in appetite apart from the alluring look of the cake. We have narrowed down the trendy cake ideas for you to choose from. Scroll till the end to get some amazing cake ideas.

husband birthday celebration

Photo Cakes

Photo cakes are one of the most trending cakes in 2020. These cakes are usually of some regular shape, like circular, oval, or rectangular. On the top, imbibed on the cream is a photo or a collage of few photos in edible ink. The boundaries are usually decorated with splashes of color and are even customizable according to your choice.

For your husband’s birthday, a photo cake fits perfectly well if you want to have a unique celebration. You can choose your wedding photos or photos from your honeymoon to push him into the world of nostalgia. You can also give some random snaps that you have taken while he was busy with his laptop last day. Give the photos of him that you think fits perfect for this purpose, and boom, he is bound to be happy.

Designer Cakes

Other trendy cakes that have almost grabbed the entire cake market are designer cakes. How charming it looks when you customize a designer cake for a birthday. With the detailed description of colors and designs, your cake is baked just the way you think, you dream. Remember to order a personalized designer cake to add more of life to the layer of cream.

Crack your head to come up with some unique designer cakes. You can beautifully decorate the cake with his name and a few words of love. Play with different shades of colors to make it more attractive. He will be elated with boundless happiness when he gets to see the exclusive designer cake for him.

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Multi Flavoured cake

Looks are enough but not complete. Keep a keen eye on the flavor, that is, the taste of the cake. Nowadays, mashing up two or more flavors have been the personal favorite of most people. Choose the flavor that will arouse the taste buds of your husband and customize or design a cake accordingly. 

You can divide the cake into two halves and have the two different flavors on two sides. You can also mashup the flavors and create an absolutely stunning taste, which will be liked by all. So, go and do some research on the taste buds of your husband.

The shape of the cake

A lot of the cake view depends on the shape because the shape is the first thing that you are going to notice. Gone are the days of boring circular or rectangular cakes. Ditch the regular shaped cakes and transform into semi-circular or star-shaped cakes. But what suits best for your husband’s birthday is a heart-shaped cake with red velvet cream.

Decoration of the cake

Decorate the cake with all that you have in your heart. It may be as simple as the petals of roses or mere toffees. You can also ink your husband’s name in soothing fonts using different colors. The decoration is entirely a personal aspect and you can design anything and everything. Just note that the decorative items should be safe and edible. 

Bakeries- Online Vs Offline

Nowadays, many bakeries are available in the online window. The question arises, which is better and more reliable? Online or offline. Let us get you covered in the next paragraph.

Online bakeries are mostly trained bakers who have bags of experience over their shoulders. They obey all norms of hygiene in the kitchen while baking which assures you a healthier layer of cream and dough. Offline windows are good in the way that you get to see the cake but there are hardly any chances of customization


.It is your husband’s birthday, so, gear up with some crazy funky ideas which are wrapped in love. Avail the facility of cake delivery in Delhi to get the best cake in the city for your husband. A properly designed cake from the hands of expert bakers is what you need to make the celebration the talk of the town for the next few years. 

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