What is the Difference Between A Fondant Cake And A Cream Cake?

Difference Between A Fondant Cake And A Cream Cake

What is the Difference Between A Fondant Cake And A Cream Cake?

Cakes are very special delicacies that fulfill each huge and small occasion. Even a sole bite of delicious and freshly baked cakes could make the people’s happy occasion more appealing and give you memorable moments. The accessibility of the wide range and assortment of cakes can bring out a confusing division for you to pick just a cake from these two ultras scrumptious Cream cakes or fondant cake. To help your people in this confused crisis YummyCake could help you in introducing both bad and goods regarding these both cake varieties.

Cream Cakes

Cream cakes are such classic cakes that are purely made from cream, sugar,  butter whipped together. The cream is thicker, fluffy, moist with a good creamy consistency. It is simple to include citrus, vanilla, chocolate, and more delicious flavors to cream. You can easily prepare cream and make designs through cream icing. Because of its soft texture, it is normally utilized to prepare easy but wonderful designs such as swirls, rosettes, and more.

Fondant Cake

Fondant cake is a mixture of cakes that has too much sugar. Usually, fondant is an icing material of the cake that is usually made by the so far paste dough that involves the more sugar-capable ingredients such gelatin, glucose, sugar, and more. Fondant cakes are normally known to have a smooth and silky texture that could be simply folded for getting any kind of style and shape you need or it is just rolled around your cake to make the cake look more elegant. For making these fondant cakes more gorgeous and delicious the bakers try to include few artificial flavors and food colors in them.

Fondant cakes types access you to be much creative with the design and tiered cakes could be easily done with the fondant cakes.

By the way, who didn’t know anything about fondant cakes, fondant cakes are normally called sugar paste.  Fondant cakes are expensive, due to the detailed designs that need more time for the decorator to design the cake, and the fondant price isn’t that cheap too. Transporting and storing fondant cakes are a challenge too, mainly in terms of a tiered cake. Never expect these kinds of cakes to be easily sold at the cost of fluffy cream cakes. You can’t compare this cake with other cakes. 

Is Fondant Cake or Cream Cake the best to order? 

Before picking out the cake why don’t we look at the pros and cons of these cakes.

Fondant Cake


Fondant cakes got a silky and smooth finish which is utilized to sculpt best-detailed designs that even last for many days.


 Fondant icing never tastes as yummy as cream icing. Where your loved ones might not like the texture and flavor of fondant icing. Many times artificial flavors could destroy the base cake subtler flavors.

Cream Cake


Super smooth, silky, creamy,  texture that tastes delicious and is accessible in many frosting styles


Cream cakes melt quickly, so it is required to freeze till you serve it. At times based upon your cream frosting it could be too sweet. But with cream icing, you can’t make any kind of sculpted figurines and 3D decorations. 

The main difference between cream and Fondant  Cake:

  • Fondant cakes are very sweet but cream cakes aren’t that sweet.
  • Fondant cakes are smooth and silky where your cream cakes are fluffy.
  • Your cream cakes are very light in terms of weight but the fondant cakes are heavy.
  • Cream cakes could easily melt soon but the fondant that got hard consistency, tough to melt.
  • Normally fondant cakes are prepared by using artificial flavors and colors and cream cakes just utilize natural ingredients.

Get a cream and Fondant Cake from the YummyCake

Both cream cake and fondant cream cake got their flavors with their own delicious taste, so whatever you pick just order a cake online through YummyCakes and get it delivered with free delivery services at the doorstep.

Do you love that soft look of fondant frosting along with yummy cream frosting, then you are so in fortune. Because with Yummycake you can easily personalize your cake with the yummy cream icing, and cover this with fondant. 

So, if your loved ones or guests don’t like fondant they can easily remove the fondant and enjoy the cream cake. Fill your cake with unique flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch, chocolate, blueberry, pineapple, and more with unique themes, designs. Get it midnight or within just a few hours from Yummy Cake and amaze your special someone.  

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