Best Romantic Birthday Cake Designs for Boyfriend

Best Romantic Birthday Cake Designs for Boyfriend

Here comes the day of your sweetheart’s birthday. Jump into some of the best birthday cake designs for boys in the city to engage him in your love. The cake can be on one hand sober and enveloped in love, while on the other hand, funky and a bit naughty. Whatever cake you choose, make sure you propose him kneeling on your knees with a triangular piece of cake in hand. He will fly in the wind of happiness.

Head-turning birthday cake designs for boyfriend

Among all the designer cakes for birthdays, the one that has grabbed our attention is what we want to show you now. Keep scrolling to get a creamy eyewash. These are the top 10 cakes in chronological order.

Avengers-themed cake

Your boyfriend must be a die heart fan of Avengers. Then why not order a Hulk themed cake for that special person of your life. He will be too happy to get both his girlfriend and his favorite movie in a compact form.

Heart-shaped black forest cake

To symbolize the dark secret of your life, order a black forest flavored heart-shaped cake for your dearest boyfriend. Customize the cake with bright red hearts to decorate the cake with love sprinklers. You can leave cherry shredding by the sides of the cake to make it more colorful. This heart-shaped cake is perfect to fill his heart with love and affection enough.

Football shaped cake

If your boyfriend is a game freak enough, then why avoid a football-shaped cake. Moreover, if you can also paint the cake with Barcelona or Manchester patent colors, it will add the flavor of the game to your cake. It is justified to give a push to his love for the game on this special day.

Bed of cigars cake

Remember, how much happy you have been when he confessed he loves you more than those cigars. Gift him a glorious bed of cigar themed cake for him to nibble and enjoy. He will give you a precious smile when he takes his first look at this cake.

Hookah cake

Gift him a creamy textured hookah cake from the house of Yummy Cakes. You can switch between black, yellow, and other colors of the hookah based on your choice. This cake is available in chocolate as well as black forest flavor.

hookah cake online

The Gatsby Cake

Imagine how cool your boyfriend looks in that black suit coupled with the tie. Bring home, a gatsby cake from the house of Yummy Cakes to immerse your boyfriend in a pool of affection. These cakes are available in a variety of flavors. Choose one according to the taste buds of your lover.

Superman Cake

There has been a trend of wearing superman t-shirts and hoodies. So, why leave out your boyfriend’s birthday cake from this trend list. Get this cake in the comfort of your home using the option of cake delivery in Delhi. This cake fits perfectly well with the superman of your life.

Proposal Cake

This is his birthday, gear up and propose to him through a lovely cake. Choose a semi-circular cake and paste a white cream note, with a wonderful love proposal. He will be elated with happiness by your sense of romance. 

Photo Cake

Get a photo cake for your boyfriend on his birthday. Take your time and choose the best photo of his from your collection and get that imprinted on the cake in edible ink. He will be taken aback by your idea of an alluring photo cake. To add to this, you can also make a photo collage of 3- 4 photos and get them done on your photo imprinted cake to put up a lively vibe.

Bike shaped Cake

If your boyfriend is a driving freak, then shower your love for him through this brown and black bike cake. This is a themed cake made exclusively for bike lovers. You can find a huge variety of bike shaped cake designs for boyfriend at MrCake.

Basket of roses Cake

You two have been love birds for so many months now, but did you ever gift him a rose? Here, comes your chance to gift him a basket of cream roses carefully baked in the form of edible cake. You can customize the cake with the color of the roses and the flavors. Forget not to mention a sweet message for him along with the cake. 

Cake for the Tech Savvy Boy

For your engineer or the tech-savvy boyfriend, get a cake with the imprints of his favorite machines done in layers of cream. It can be complicated ones like generators and motors or simple ones like mobiles and laptops. 


Girl, it is your boyfriend’s birthday. Ditch being formal and traditional. Order some funky yet exclusive birthday cake designs for boys to express your love on this special day. Happy Birthday to him on behalf of us.

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